Month: October 2014

  • Winning the argument before it begins by proper framing

    I just finished reading one of my textbooks for my organizational communications class. in the epilogue, as in most of the chapter introductions, I found statements I found so highly biased that I could tell the writer was totally blind to any bias whatsoever, it was so thick. Apologies for a long paste below, but […]

  • “the economically fit are expected to drive the economically unfit out of existence”

    “All of this (globalization) creates a problem for democracies. Democracy and capitalists have very different core values. Democracy is founded on equality  — one vote per citizen regardless of his (sic) intelligence  or work ethic. Capitalism, however, is motivated by inequality: differences in economic returns create the incentive structure which encourages hard work and wise […]

  • What’s in a meme?

    This is a fun blog that dissects memes for their fallacies. He goes all over the spectrum.  No respecter of persons/memes. 😉

  • Houston’s on the Plaza experience

    My dad would have had a couple of interesting comments to say about the restaurant we ate at tonight. We celebrated my father-in-law’s 75th birthday tonight by taking him out to one of the upscale steak houses on the Kansas City Country Club Plaza — Houston’s. The ambience is the thing my father would have […]

  • Review: An Elfy on the Loose

      Books shouldn’t be allowed to end with cliff-hangers like that. An Elfy on the Loose by Barb Caffrey is part of the Elfy Duology, and as the first of a two-parter, ends at a point where you are building for a big confrontation, but it hasn’t happened yet. Of course, you wouldn’t care about […]

  • $2.79 — and dropping?

    This past summer I wasn’t thinking to ever see gas prices below $3.00 a gallon, and now gas is 21 cents below that price. I am sure that a lot of people are seeing this as a good sign — lower gas prices. But that isn’t the vibe I get from them. Sure, lower prices […]

  • Conglomeration #2

    Okay, just finished watching Lego Movie on our downloaded iTunes version.  Only took trying another computer to get it to actually play.  So seems fitting to show some more Lego creations my son made and photographed:  

  • Lego of my movie

    Lego of my movie — is what we are saying to iTunes. We aren’t big users, The Lego movie was our first purchase. Funny, I have more success streaming movies from Amazon that I have had with a completely downloaded iTunes movie that we are trying to play on the computer. If anyone knows why […]

  • A conglomeration of sets

    Decided to do a quick blog — these are some images of Lego figures my son did a couple of years ago and then took posed pictures of. Not sure if these are Bionicle or Hero Factory — or a combination of both.  

  • Church Music — start them young

    Today I did another Michael Card song, from 1992 — “Then They Will Know”, part of his The Word album on the prophets. I will share more about that later. But first I want to feature Adrianna Trevino, who sang her first Introit and Call to Prayer today in the 8:30 service. Here are pictures […]