Month: July 2015

  • KC Zoo: Sky Safari 2

    (Continuing the series of our visit to the Kansas City zoo). Since we had purchased the unlimited transportation package, we wanted to get the full benefit of the pass. So we decided to do the Sky Safari again — this time riding the full circuit. We would get on and off at the same station, […]

  • KC Zoo: On the Trail in Africa

    With the heat of the day, many of the animals were inside in their backstage areas — and I could tell that many of the people at the zoo were wondering whether they should have stayed in their own “backstage” areas. Upon exiting the Sky Safari we found ourselves facing the baboons, though they weren’t […]

  • Faith, Hope, Charity … these three — in a garden

    Faith, Hope, Charity … these three — in a garden Back in June I wrote several posts about my trip to Spokane, WA, to take a class at Gonzaga University as part of the Master’s in Communication and Leadership degree that I am taking. I spent a lot of time talking about Spokane, and Gonzaga. What I didn’t do was say anything about the […]

  • KC Z00: Sky Safari, Part 1

    KC Z00: Sky Safari, Part 1

    Continuing my series on our one day zoo excursion (amazing how many days of posts can come from one day if you stretch it out!), we come to another transportation device:  the Sky Safari. The Sky Safari is a chair ride that takes you over the central savannah in the Africa section. You get to […]

  • KC Zoo: an African Cruise

    We followed the visit to the hippos with a cruise on the boat. The lake in the Africa section gives a view of the central savannah, which includes the giraffes, zebras, etc. The lake itself, we learned, used to be used for speedboat racing, and was eventually deepened, with the island in the “middle” being […]

  • Hungry, hungry hippos

    Continuing the series of posts I started Monday, today is the video I mentioned yesterday — of Hippos at the Kansas City Zoo. We came upon the hippos with one of them out of the water, eating. It was the first time at the zoo that I think we have see the hippos anywhere but […]

  • KC Zoo: Tram to Africa

    Unlike our other trips to the zoo, we splurged on the $10 all-transport pass (Reduced to $9 — due to the heat the tram to Africa was free). So we could ride the tram, train, sky safari, boat and carousel as much as we wanted. Thus transport is going to feature prominently in this, and […]

  • KC Zoo: Sea Lions

    (Continuing posts on a visit to the Kansas City Zoo). One of the popular shows, and also one of the closest to the main gate, is the Sea Lion Show. Because we had watched the bird show at 10 a.m., we had missed the morning Penguin feedings, but we had time to get to the […]

  • Zoo Week

    Today was the hottest day of the year so far — a perfect day to head out to the zoo. Well, it was, but not because it was hot. It was the second “free admission” day for people who are in the counties that pay taxes to support the zoo. So we got there around […]

  • Concert of Sacred Metaphors: Joy in the Journey

    (This is the 12th and final part of the series on my only solo concert to date: A Concert of Sacred Metaphors, 2006). The concert ended with this song from Michael Card: Joy in the Journey. A reminder that life in Christ is a journey, not a destination.