Month: May 2016

  • Anatomy of an Accident

    I experienced an incident this week that shows how quickly things can go wrong, even when you are completely in the right. The above graphic is the intersection. Notice the two red stop signs on the cross street. The other street has no stop signs. The street from the left is much steeper downhill into […]

  • A Blast of the Past #48: 2nd Birthday

    Today’s blast is a few pictures from my son’s second birthday party. A lot has occurred since then. Even remembering that house and yard seems like such a long time ago. Small things, simple things. At least in retrospect.

  • Sneak peak of the ocean

      Today’s weekend roundup report starts with a look back. This week rained Monday-Wednesday, and the park closed earlier than published on some of those days. It was wet and cold. But today the weather is warming up — Which will be good for this weekend. Oceans of Fun opens next weekend to the general […]

  • #92: O Little Town of Bethlehem

    (Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith) 1 O little town of Bethlehem, How still we see thee lie! Above thy deep and dreamless sleep The silent stars go by; Yet it thy dark streets shineth The everlasting Light — The hopes and fears of […]

  • No one to vote for? Still vote!

    I’ve noted in previous posts that I will not vote for either of the potential Democratic candidates, and that I will not vote for Trump no matter what, GOP nominee or not. For many people this leads them to the statement: “of two evils, choose neither.” This is a good concept. Today I am going […]

  • Fitness Update: Workouts and Procedures

    Well, first I’ll give an update on the previous week. When I found out my time from the KCCC 5K, I was rather pleased. I was 3 seconds over 26 minutes. It was my running speed for a 5K, practice or otherwise. So I followed Monday with another practice 5K, at what turned out to […]

  • #91: The First Noel

    (Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith) 1 The first noel the angel did say Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay — In fields where they lay keeping their sheep, On a cold winter’s night that was so deep. REFRAIN Noel, […]

  • What Science Fiction show best describes our age? Why?

    This is one of those quick meme/link type blogs. I saw someone post the below picture: And then I saw the below comment in the comments about it: When the crew of the Enterprise had a problem with their government, they filed a complaint and hope their careers don’t get trashed. When the crew of […]

  • A Blast of the Past #47: Rushmore

    One of the things we haven’t done as much of as a family is travel. As a kid I remember doing a lot of traveling with the family during the summers. We saw a lot of historical sites.  My dad was pinned to the farm most of the year, but once a year we released […]

  • Weekend Roundup: WOF and Day of Service

    Last weekend’s roundup talked about the BBQ festival at WOF and the KCCC 5K. This weekend still has WOF in it, with an update on the all-season dining plan. But it also includes something a little different. Saturday Avondale United Methodist Church is having a Day of Service. We did this 2 years ago as […]