#14 God of Everlasting Glory

 (Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith)

This hymn I barely remember — I don’t think it was extremely popular. From its lyrics it is obviously one of the “modern” hymns. It tries to hitch onto the modern scientific events of the day and make commentary on them, with modest illusion to eternal truths. So it doesn’t really have the staying power of most of the other hymns in the book.


God of everlasting glory, Filling earth and sky,

Ev’rywhere Thy wonders open to our searching eye:

In our telescopic probing – light years from our world,

In the atom’s theoried structure Science has unfurled.


As we push man’s frontiers forward Into outer space,

Reaching for the stars and planets, Still Thy hand we trace.

In the lab’ratory’s silence, Where Thy secrets hide,

There the marvels of creation Are for us supplied.


In the open book of nature faith remains unmoved –

Patterns of the Master-Builder By each fact are proved;

So with rev’rent hearts we ponder all the grand design

Of the universe around us, Wrought by hands divine.


Thru the course of human hist’ry Has Thy purpose run,

And in substance have we seen Thee In Thy glorious Son:

He it was who came to save us And our hopes to raise –

God of everlasting glory, thy great name we praise!

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