Fitness Update: Triathlon practices

This week I set two new personal records on my Misfit Shine. This means my combined activity for the day set a new record for total points earned.

Part of that activity was a mini-triathlon at work on Monday. As part of a program at the Wellness Center I rowed 2000 meters, biked 8 miles on the stationary, and then ran 2 miles on the treadmill. Total time 48 minutes 24 seconds. That set my first points record.

I also managed to swim twice for the week on Wednesday and Thursday; 2,000 more yards for a 23,050 total.

On Thursday I also managed to do one of the weeks two runs. That 5K made Thursday another Triathlon training day for the week.

Saturday was my long run for the week. I put in 6.5 miles in just over an hour. The temperature during that early morning run was about 33 degrees, but it was quite a pleasant run with the air as still as it was. That helped set me second points record.

The one irritation is the consistent claim by the Misfit Shine that the battery is low, when it is a new battery. I am assuming there is some software glitch, but it is a low-level persistent irritant.

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