Weekend Roundup: WOF and Day of Service

Last weekend’s roundup talked about the BBQ festival at WOF and the KCCC 5K. This weekend still has WOF in it, with an update on the all-season dining plan. But it also includes something a little different.

Saturday Avondale United Methodist Church is having a Day of Service. We did this 2 years ago as part of our 100th anniversary, and have put together another day of service this Saturday. The people from the church will be involved in numerous and varied community projects. One of them includes supporting the neighborhood association around the church in a trash and debris collection day — helping to fill two dumpsters with the stuff that doesn’t get cleaned up any other way.

There will be work, and music, and a dinner, and a concert/dance party in the parking lot at the end of the day.

I don’t do near as much volunteering or community service as I ought, but always find it worthwhile when I do.

On the other front, our use of the all-season dining plan is up to 83 total meals, at a retail cost of $899.66 — an average price of $4.34. And we’ve used the drink bottle 51 times, for a price of $0.45 per drink.


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