A Blast of the Past #65: Corn Fields – planting

This was the year I used roundup on the back half of the yard and planted it all in hills of corn. We got a fairly decent harvest that year. At the moment I can’t remember if we tried it one more year, but today I would need to make serious plans to protect it from deer and coons and such if we wanted to get anything out of it. It took several years for the yard to regreen after that, and it has come back in mostly with wild strawberries and such stuff. The wild strawberries I knew back east grew in the slashing of trees on the back hill and we small and juicy and sweet. The ones that populate our yard are small and tasteless. Such a disappointment.

But the corn was fun to plant, and fun to harvest. Have to see in a later blast what pictures of that stage we took. At this point it is just pictures of the planting.

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