Fitness Update: Fitbit Foray

Well, My fitness goals are moving along this past week. I’m closer to my cycling goal — not as far ahead — than I was in other months. That means I have to put in more effort through December. Weather is likely to impede certain days, so I’ll need to take advantage of every day that I can.

For my running, I actually got out twice this past week, and my second run was better than the first for speed. This during the time I was still recovering from the sinus issues and limitations it placed on by breath, while dealing with cold air breathing adjustments.

No swimming. I’m going to need to get motivated on that for the turn of the year, but I’ve reached this year’s goal, so it’s easier to slack off.

The item I have changed is my fitness tracker. I still have the MisFit, but I happened to win a FitBit Flex in a drawing, so I’ve spent the last 3 days seeing how it works. The problem is that I wish I had won the FitBit Flex 2: it has the swimming option, and SmartTrack auto exercise recognition. I haven’t found a way to track my cycling on the FitBit Flex.

The other option I don’t like is that it has to be worn on the wrist. I was glad when I could stop wearing a watch; I wear my MisFit on my ankle; to have to wear a device on my wrist again, not sure how I would adapt to that. Nevertheless, I can see the possibility of moving to the FitBit  Flex 2. If the swimming app is able to do the extra it says, and if it is waterproof so I don’t have to remember to put it off and on for the shower, I’m liable to move platforms. We’ll see if I make the investment.

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