Fitness Update: Fitbit Flex 2

Well, last week I ran two 5Ks on the street, and then 1.25 miles on the treadmill. I got myself up to a 7:30 minute miles, or a speed of 7.5 miles per hour. Now if I can just figure out how to translate that pace in my mind onto the street, to do a better pace for my running and not be so relaxed.

I also made my November mileage goal on my bicycle — 2751 miles. I was riding the bicycle over to Cycle City for winter maintenance on Thursday when the bike chain broke halfway there. But I got it there with a car pickup and then left it for pickup this Tuesday when I get back into town from my weekend vacation.

No swimming. Still need to get that into the schedule.

But I did pick up a Fitbit Flex 2. So far I’m getting used to it. Still haven’t seen it autorecognize an activity. Once I get used to it hopefully I will see how the swimming settings on it work.

I am also starting a new running schedule this week. The fitness center at work is helping me with a training program for the Progress Series of races I will be doing in 2017: the mile in January, 5K in February, 10K in March, and half marathon in April. We will see how I get all these increments worked into my routine. There is a lot more detail than my current goal sheet of just running 5Ks when I get the chance. Trying to speed up my mile, etc. takes greater planning.


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