Fitness Update: Half-Marathon Prep

I have been talking in prior blogs about how my pace of running miles for the year has started out slow for the year. But I didn’t expect for that tempo to remain the same. This past week is a proof of that.

From running less than 10 miles a week most weeks, last week I ran 20 miles. The prep for the half marathon is increasing the tempo of my running miles. Between preparing for the half marathon, and then staying in long distance condition for possible running events  for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge (have I mentioned that before on the blog, don’t think I have) that occur in May, I should catch up my running miles quite nicely.

The same, yet, can’t be said for my swim distance goals. I have yet to start on those. We will see whether this week changes that or not.

My current running miles: 112.30

Bicycle miles: 855

Swim Miles: 0

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