LibertyCon Arrival

I am sitting about an hour before the start of the first session of LibertyCon, writing via WPS on my Kindle Fire and its accompanying keyboard.  Right now I am reflecting on the journey to LibertyCon.

We decided to come to LibertyCon after attending WorldCon/MidAmericaCon last year in our hometown of Kansas City. CorldCon was fun, but there were underlying cliques and tensions going on that were felt but not inhibiting to the new con-goer.

But LibertyCon seemed to be the con of choice for most of the people we follow and interact with on the web via blog, etc., so we decided to try attending this year.

At first it was to be just the two uf us, for weekend, but eventually it turned into the four of us attending the weekend as the start of a two-week vacation that included a family reunion celebrating a significant birthday year for my mother.

We knew the con started on Friday afternoon, but decided to travel in on Thursday anwya, so we would have plenty of time to settle in and be relaxed before we got here. I am glad we did.

We started our journey before 4 a.m. on Thursday for what was supposed to be a 10-hour trip to Chattanooga. By the time we had lunch in Nashville (pizza slice combos at the Sam’- Club) around 1 p.m., we were probably close to an hour ahead of schedule on driving. That is where everything went downhill. The last 40-50 miles of driving took 3 hours, with no explanation of anything that caused it. So we didn’t get in until almost 7 p.m.

That evening we went online trying to locate any of the other “Hoyts Huns” that might be in town, but never did manage to connect with anyone. Staying in the Marriott put us just enough far away from the Choo Choo where the con will be going on to not try to make the effort to get up there that night, and the people who responded at the Marriott were vague enough on their details to make trying to coordinate anything with them unmanageable for our foursome.

We finally did several web searches trying to find information on local eateries (amazing how you get all sorts of information, just not the stuff helpful to make the sort of decision you want), and finally decided on a pizza pub called “The Community Pie”.

The Pie was located about 4 blocks in the opposite direction from the Choo Choo. Besides the pizza, which was reasonable by the slice, they had a fairly decent gelato that we all enjoyed trying for dessert. Those who remember my posts from our Mediterranean cruise back in 2013 will recall our “touring Italy by gelato”. We had gelato in Florence, Rome and Venice — it was one of our most visceral memories of the trip. This was a fairly strong echo/reminder of that, though still left us longing for the Italian version. On the other hand, I don’t think we have found better gelato anwhere else we have attempted it in the USA.


We went to breakfast at the City Cafe, near the Day’s Inn, a common watering hole for the Huns, as I have been told, though not a specific gathering day on Friday. It was the closest place for us to go from the Marriott, and it was also the best place to get a full-day fortification in one meal. The plates were big and full! Everyone left something behind that they didn’t eat, whether we ordered breakfast or some other meal at this 24-hour eatery.


That pretty much wraps up the arrival zone of the con. I will continue in a further post to give a summary of some of the sessions I attended at LiberyCon, and perhaps in another post some of the other observations about the con and the days. For WorldCon I took pretty extensive notes on the sessions I attended and wrote up quite detailed posts on them. I’m taking a more relaxed perspective of LibertyCon and my write-ups. Different Con seems to require a different strategy. Perhaps that is also because of the travel, and the trip with the family, and not just the Con. Change in Con/Change in Me.

More Later …

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