#307: I with Thee Would Begin

(Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith)


I with Thee would begin, O my Savior so dear,

On the way that I still must pursue;

I with Thee would begin ev’ry day granted here,

As by earnest resolve I renew — To be and remain Thine forever.


I with Thee would begin, and go forth in Thy name

Which alone doth salvation bestow; 

Fold me close to Thy breast where found joy all who came —

There is refuge for me too, I know, though all in this world is confusion.


Let Thy word all divine be my lamp in whose light

I may constantly keep to Thy way;

And each day wouldst Thou cleanse me anew, make me white 

In the blood shed for me on that day When death Thou didst suffer, Lord Jesus.


I with Thee would begin — yea, and hear one more prayer —

I would close with Thee too my brief day;

And when daylight has failed let me sleep in Thy care, Until waking Thy child

Thou dost say, “*Come live with me ever in heaven!”

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