Go forth into the world in peace,

Be of good courage,

Hold fast to that which is good,

Render to no one evil for evil.

God forth into the world in love,

Strengthen the fainthearted, support the weak,

Help the afflicted, Honor all people,

Love and serve the Lord.

Rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit,

Go forth into the world in peace.

In peace.

The above song has stuck with me since I sang it freshman year as part of the Houghton College College Choir. That has been over 25 years ago. Back then I was a writing major, and soon after that became an editor. Today I am a banker, accountant, and client service manager.  Through that entire time I have been a musician.

I guess I could be called a Renaissance Man — which is more than just the fact that I have participated in the Kansas City Renaissance Festival for the past 15 years. The concept of the liberal arts education equipping one for life has stuck with me since my college days, as has the efficacy of faith to a purposeful life.

Hopefully you will see echoes and affirmations of those themes on these pages. I hope you will see me writing intellectually probing and challenging thoughts, that though sometimes challenging to people’s perspectives, and perhaps even ways of life, is still couched in an attitude of honor for all people.

So now, I go for, to be swift, be precise, and to run with perseverance the race before me.

(Note: The views expressed on this blog are mine, and are not to be seen as the views of any group or organization that I am associated with.)

3 responses to “About”

  1. I came across your page looking for Masters in this Hall for my choir at a small Arkansas school to sing. I appreciate your honesty and insight. Keep Running.
    God Bless, and thanks for the content.


  2. jonathon…very nice website…i was a ttbhs alumni class of 82…coincidentally, i went to houghton college for 1 year also..
    i am a musician and songwriter also…
    nice song and voice..
    be blessed..
    bill douglass


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