• But everyone’s an expert

    I find myself often at a disadvantage, not real, but perceived. In the fields where I consider myself skilled, my specialties, it seems everyone is an expert. Where I am not the specialist, just a rank amateur, there are always plenty of accredited experts to gainsay my conclusion, so even when I am right, over […]

  • Don’t take the wrong responsibility

    In the events that caused many of the unexpected hardships for me and my family in the past 3 years, whenever I mention an outside factor as contributor, sooner or later I hear someone’s voice saying “You need to take responsibility yourself, stop blaming others, your actions caused all these problems you are having.” The […]

  • No Trespassing

    I was rather taken aback by the whole incident, and somewhat enraged, but probably not the way most people would think. Last week one day I was doing yard work and went to retrieve some dirt I had put in buckets outside the greenhouse. When I got there I noticed the greenhouse door was not […]

  • Compliment or Not?

    I Ponder A Vermonter (short quips suitable for future expansion) When someone has a good singing voice, they are often said to have the voice of an angel. But is that a compliment? Angels usually had to say fear not, and their voice probably more like a brassy trumpet of God than something musical.

  • Being Misunderstood

    Go forth into the world in peace. Be of good courage, hold fast to that which is good. Render to no one evil for evil. Go forth into the world in love. Strengthen the fainthearted, Support the weak, Help the afflicted, Honor all people. Love and serve the Lord. Rejoicing in the power of the […]

  • House of Lube gives smooth and 5 star service

    We took longer than we should have to replace the headlight bulb that went on my wife’s car. The problem was that we didn’t know where to go and everybody We contacted either didn’t do it they had a price that came way beyond our means. Yesterday we happened to be going by House Lube […]

  • What Type of Limits for God

    When people complain that evolution is necessary, that God didn’t create by 6 days but by eons of years, I think they are confused. They are limiting God. Yes, I believe God has limited Himself, but we disagree on how. Our opinions are categorically different. God has His three Omnis: Potent, Scient and Present. The […]

  • Throw-away culture

    Just because someone recycles what others throw away does not mean that they are thus careful about the use and care of used items. Someone staying with us is very good at dumpster diving and curb surfing for items he trades to others for cash and his other necessities. But that doesn’t mean that the […]

  • ‘Not My Trash’ — and ‘Not My Trash’

    At The Rainbow shares a driveway with its northern neighbors, Charles S. and Mary Lee Trnka. The Trnka’s are very conscientious people. At The Rainbow is on the uphill side of the shared driveway culvert, and I was told by Charles that whenever the pipe gets blocked it is our fault because the leaves came […]

  • Status Report Triplicate

    Today’s post is analogous to what on other blogs they might call the state of the author, or the state of the writer, except that we don’t specifically have an author or writer, so the status is of similar things related to At The Rainbow. Singlet: The Blog Well, today I got the blog to […]