Fitness Update: continuing record-setting

Once again I set a new daily record with my Misfit Shine. Running longer distances really racks up the points.

Last week I ran a 10-mile loop on Friday, followed by a small bike ride to the community center for one of two weekly swims that I did this week.

While running last week I contemplated the ways people handle the “monotony” of running. I know at the corporate challenge triathlon the rules prohibit the use of earphones/headsets (though I saw several people using them, and don’t think they actually disqualified everyone). It seems that some of the physical benefit of running is teaching the ability to continue on with a repetitive task. There is plenty of time for the mind to do many things while running, but it also teaches the mind and body to stay focused on a task.

I’ve been wondering how the training for this long-distance running will  affect my 5K running. I am scheduled to run the 5K for the Corporate Challenge this coming Saturday. I’ve noticed that I have found a steady pace for the longer distance running, that I can continue to keep as I extend. But for the 5K I will want to move faster. Will I be able to switch gears and up the pace on Saturday? That is the psychological and physiological question I am working through this week.

Sunday began the month of May. On April 30 my bike mileage was 1097. So I am almost 100 miles ahead of the annual pace to reach my annual goal. I also had 28 5K or longer runs for the year. My swimming yardage is up to 28,150. So I’m on pace for all goals, and even some of the things that I set since the beginning of the year.

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