What roots nourished the rise of Trump?

How did Trump come to gain such popularity? Why are so many people willing to vote for him? I was having that conversation recently, and suddenly the following line came out of my mouth:

“People voted for Obama. It’s the same thing. They like what he says. Doesn’t matter whether it has any connection to reality or not. Trump is our payment for electing Obama.”

It is a sad fact for right-wing Republicans that the past 8 years have seen the rise of the Tea Party as a force to be reckoned with, a force that enabled Republicans to gain control of congress, and what is the ultimate result of that movement presidentially? The rise of Trump — someone who overshadows all the candidates of value that the Tea Party movement has grown from the grass roots.

One might say the fact that the Tea Party is grass roots, that it isn’t an individual, focused voice, puts it at a disadvantage, and perhaps it does in this case, especially considering it is competing against such a strident voice as Trump’s.

In the same context of Obama/Trump comparison, I recall one of the complaints heard about Obama: that he was the perpetual campaigner, but he didn’t know how to govern. I get the same feeling for Trump. There are a lot of words there, but I wonder if he has any clue about how to actually govern. I expect him to be always acting like he’s on the campaign trail. Which might actually be better than his trying to govern, now that I think about it…

Again, another reminder, from a different context, this one related to generals who stage military coups. The usual problem with them is that they take over the political situation because it is a mess, but because they are used to the military way of doing things, they go stomping around trying to do that in government, not realizing that the bureaucracy works differently, and so go about breaking the system. I think Trump is going to have the same issue if he gets in. He expects to do the same thing he has done in business, not recognizing the difference between business and politics, and he’s going to be the autocrat he is in his companies, and end up either breaking the system or creating a fatal impasse.



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