Saturday/Weekend After Report

Summer is over, socially. Labor Day Weekend marks the social end of summer. So I thought today I would rehash the weekend.


We started our celebration of the weekend at Worlds of Fun. Dollar Days. We spent our Dollar Days time at the Moroccan Merchant store: $5 plush and apparel, everything else $1.

They had cheerful ambassadors at the door offering you a bag (for $1 at checkout) to put your  purchases in while shopping. The four of us looked through the store for items of interest, dispersed into the developing crowd, and then finally arrived into the checkout line.

There we met Mary and other staff checking everyone out. Not everything was wringing up correctly, but they all worked through and around the issues to get everything to ring up and people’s purchases completed. As I said, “we are at World’s of Fun, so, no matter what happens, have fun with it.” Those staff were great evidence of what so many of the staff there always exude. Things don’t have to run perfectly, but you have fun with and about it, and find a resolution/workaround.

We followed that with a two-some anniversary visit to Cinzetti’s Restaurant in Overland Park. Excellent service, excellent food, excellent ambiance.

There were other items to the afternoon. Target’s 4 for $10 soda can case sale ended Saturday, so we picked up my annual soda supply, then went over to the Sprint store to go phone shopping. Left and came back later to pick up a new, bottom of the price series smart phone for the wife — happy anniversary! The Sprint people were also very helpful with the phone choice, setup, accessories, etc.


Started off with church. Where they introduced the new choir director.

Director of Music Ministries

Taylor Tracy

 /files/Avondale Images/Staff Images/Mark Keeney.jpg
Taylor is a native of Buhler, KS where he grew up on the family farm.  Over the last 10 years, Taylor has served as a choir director in congregations varying in size from 80 to slightly under 2,000.  In addition to his conducting experience, Taylor has performed as a soloist, in choirs, and orchestras throughout Europe, Canada, up and down both coasts and throughout the Mid-West.  Taylor is active in the National Association of Pastoral Musicians, KMEA, and KCDA and has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning News.  Taylor’s commitment to quality church music and liturgy has brought regional recognition to several music ministries under his direction.  He looks forward to serving with members of the Avondale staff and community and to continue the musical excellence of the church.
We didn’t get to introduce ourselves to him, because I had to get to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival by 1 p.m. to be on stage with Madrigalia Bar Nonne.
The day outdoors was warm but not overly so. It ensured we always glistened, but so did the music, as our sets included appreciative audiences and youthful singers who we invited up to sing along with us and practice what they learned in school in a broader and more lively environment. The crowd was large and colorful, but not super packed.
I’m sure all three days of the weekend had similar lievliness. It was a very good start to the seven weekend run.


For us this was a more relaxing day. I put on some bike miles exploring trails in the morning, then we did a quick run over for lunch in the early afternoon.  There didn’t seem to be a large crowd of cars at the Worlds of Fun parking lot. But by the time we went back to Oceans of Fun for the evening, we could see that sometime during the day they had parked all their lots and extended parking a long distance on the grass.  My take, since Monday was the last day Oceans of Fun was open for the season, everyone was getting a last swim in. Worlds of Fun, meanwhile, has two whole seasons left to go for the year: Haunt and Winterfest.

That said, by the time we arrived before 6 p.m. there was plenty of space for us to park close in the main lot, and spend our last OOF moments floating around the Caribbean Cooler until the guards blew their whistles in unison to signal the end of the OOF year.


So, yes, a good transitional weekend. The end of summer; the beginning of fall. But it will take awhile to think of it as fall. Though maybe not too long — the 10-day forecast has our lows dipping into the 50s for most of that time.


P.S. — Since so much of the post was about WOF, I will also put the weekly dining plan stats update in this post.

Total Price Paid $497.44
Total Number of Meals 476
Total Retail $4,967.10
Average Price Per Meal $1.05
Total Drink Price 29.64
Total number of drinks 456
Total Retail $502.50
Average Price Per Drink $0.07

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