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  • At The Rainbow

    I have been reeling a lot lately, most of the past 3 years, but especially since last Thanksgiving. I just find it hard to accept, to believe the things that I see people saying and doing, especially the things about and toward me. It is why I have been thinking a lot about Noah’s Container, […]

  • Personal Case Study #2: Peggy Chilson

    This is the popular for general audience consumption version of the full sociological report. I decided to do this case study because of a sudden realization that came from an e-mail she sent to everyone in Madrialia Bar Nonne but forgot the attachment with the information. This occurred on Friday, May 27, 2022. The e-mail […]

  • I am fated to cry

    I have intended for quite awhile to start blogging again today. But it didn’t get me doing as much prep work as I wanted to. But it did get me to write the below intended starting post for today: I was going to make today a new start, with new commitment, and instead I slept […]

  • When Church is no longer Sanctuary

    Avondale United Methodist Church, where I have attened and worshipped and served these past 14 years, is no longer safe for me. I no longer feel safe going there. Do I feel that I am physicalliy threatened, that I could receive bodily injury while I am there, do I think I might be physically molested […]

  • An unusual New Year’s Resolution

    I hope none of you are in a position to consider this, but my New Year’s Resolution is to avoid being assaulted or being charged with assaulting someone else in 2022. I choose this after a series of four years in which I have been assaulted each year, and in the latter two years have […]

  • When did the defense attorney become the plea attorney?

    I am wasting my time this morning waiting for my appointed court time to have a bench trial for the charge of assaulting someone on Dec. 23. The ironic part is that the person accusing me of assaulting him had his hands around my neck before I succeeded in disengaging from him. When I got […]

  • Pooling our Ignorance

    For today, go over and see my guest post at According to Hoyt.…

  • A continued lack of billing detail

    It has been almost 30 months since I saw Dr. Allman in Kearney and got billed $1500 for 15 minutes time. I posted the above two blogs previously. THe below blog I wrote but never posted. Dr. Allman, during our previous encounter, had described the interaction between me and his receptionist as a misunderstanding […]

  • Spirit of The Age

    In 1986 Michael Card released an album that included the song Spirit of the Age. Based on the text from The Gospel according to Matthew about the slaying of the innocents, where King Herod kills all the babies in Bethlehem trying to slay his rival to the throne Jesus, Card uses the text to compare […]

  • Accident Prone

    I went 20 plus years free of car accidents, but the past couple of years I have become an accident magnet. This morning was only the most recent of three accidents for our new car from last November, and that was a replacement for our car of 20 years that had three major accidents in […]