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  • A Blast of the Past #131: Carly’s 13th birthday

    Yesterday was the 21st birthday of this same girl, woman, I should say. Here we see a few pictures of the 13th birthday — where the cake theme was Pizza. Very sugary pizza.  

  • A Blast of the Past #123: Tenth Birthday

    Nathan’s 10th birthday is today’s view of the past.  

  • Summer Tour: Birthday Bash

    Summer Tour: Birthday Bash

    Earlier this summer I did a series of posts on our family tour of several Cedar Fair Parks.  That family vacation was bounded by two other non-Cedar Fair events. The first was Liberty Con, which I have posted about.  The second is my Mother’s birthday bash. Mom is celebrating a significant birthday mile stone today, […]

  • A Blast of the Past #86: 10th Birthday

    Today’s collage is from Nathan’s 10th birthday party.  This was when he got his first bicycle.

  • A Blast of the Past #72: Nathan’s Birthday

    This birthday in 2005 was one of the simplest yet fun parties. The cake as a rainbow cake that I stole the design from the worm cake we had seen at another kid’s party. And the balloons were the easiest thing for everyone to have fun with. I think we may have used balloons a […]

  • A Blast of the Past #66: Proctor Birthday Party

    Next we see Nathan invited to the Birthday party of Matthew Proctor, at a nature center here in the Northlands. They had a lot of fun outside, and then the usual party with cake, but the cake was a worm cake. See pictures below.   I used the same idea of the worm cake and […]

  • A Blast of the Past #64: Birthday Bash

    In 2005 I tried a neighborhood party for my birthday. We got hot dogs and chips and put up signs around the neighborhood for the free food. We got some family to come by, and a few people, but most people ignored it. Still, we have a little commemoration in pictures:

  • A Blast of the Past #48: 2nd Birthday

    Today’s blast is a few pictures from my son’s second birthday party. A lot has occurred since then. Even remembering that house and yard seems like such a long time ago. Small things, simple things. At least in retrospect.

  • Birthday Chronicle — # 50

    Birthday Chronicle — # 50

    Today’s post is a birthday chronicle — of my 50th birthday. I will be sharing events and ways that I celebrated the day, along with reminisces from the 50 years past. Talking with mom yesterday, she noted that my 50th birthday was a Sunday, and that I was also born around 10 a.m. on a […]

  • A Blast of the Past #38: First Birthday

    And now a collage from a boy’s first birthday. This took place in our first house, the one we showed moving into a few blasts ago. He had been born while we were in the family apartment, but doesn’t remember ever living there. He does have memories of the house where this birthday was celebrated, […]