And so it begins

Well, here goes my first blog. Based on the title of my page, I’ll start out with information on speed and numbers: I’ll be swift and precise.  Perhaps some other time I’ll give clues as to why Be Swift, Be Precise is the title.

Been riding my bicycle to work and home for the past few months, especially for nights like this, when I had to work later than the last  regular bus running north of the river, so I rode the bicycle all the way home tonight.

I brought my odometer up to the computer so I could record the distance I rode, total time, average speed, etc.  But it seems to go crazy when it is too far away from the bicycle to get a signal from the tire meter.  It decided at one point it was going 45 mph here in the living room.

So, from what I can remember, it took me 35:59 to come home, with an average of 9.9 mph and a distance of about 5.94 miles. That, of course, doesn’t include any time when I was stopped.

I stopped, 19:28, at the North Kansas Community Center, where I met the family to go swimming.  I did 16 laps, 4 each of freestyle, breast, butterfly and back.  I did the first two sets of 4 laps without breaks. I rest between each butterfly lap (if I don’t I start losing my form on the out-of-water recovery), and did 3 laps of backstroke before taking a break and finishing the last lap.

Then I rode the rest of the way home on the bicycle, in the dark, bicycle and helmet lights flashing.

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