Dog Weekend Warrior, Part 2

Well, it seems like the dog is into setting new speed records. 22.2 MPH today.  I think these weekend workouts might just be improving his fitness.  We averaged 7.9 MPH on a 1.444 mile course over 10:58 minutes, not counting pauses to sniff things, or stops to gaze at two cats we wanted to chase, but seemed to have learned by now that he isn’t allowed that far off road during these weekend runs.

Those temptations by cats are perhaps the greatest risks on the route, not including the cats.  Imagine going 20 mph on a bicycle down a street, then suddenly being pulled sideways 45 or 90 degrees — especially dangerous if the pull is also across and not merely to the same side the dog was originally on.

It was actually quite amazing — I spotted both cats before the dog did, like I usually do (somehow he’s not as visually agile as I am, more motivated by the nose, it seems) — and we’d actually gone completely past one of them before he suddenly realized he needed to check out what was back there. I was prepared, so the sudden stop wasn’t really as sudden as it might have been.

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