Barnacle Bessie bombs twice in a row

Okay, for any of my followers that might play Toontown, I have infallibly proven that SOS toons CAN miss.

Barnacle Bessie, finally working the third time I called the SOS card last night.

I was at 57 laff points, on the 4th story of a cashbot building, down to just lure gags and sound gags — strongest sound gag was an elephant trunk. Cogs I was facing were level 11, 9, 8 and 8.

Clerk Clara laying out trap doors.

So I thought, Barnacle Bessie. 5-star drop. Should take them all out — except maybe the 11.

Called the SOS card.

Cogs being lured onto trap doors.

Watched 4 grand pianos fall, and all missed.

Amazingly, Only two of the cogs hit me.  Laff down to 29.

She missed once, so lets try Barnacle Bessie again.

4 grand pianos miss again.

Boss Cog falling to pieces.

One cog hits me. Down to 12 laff. Second cog hits.  I’m gone.

Thing was, of course, that I had 6 level 7 gags in my bag as well.  I could have tried one of them.  But I didn’t and I lost them all by going sad.

I know I have had several conversations while in toon battles about SOS toons.  Several people have assured me, and the other toons around, that SOS toons do not miss.  I disagreed. I said I have had one miss.

But I think this is the first time I have ever had one miss being called two times in a row.

Screenshot of my best ever round at Estate Cannons — earning 128 laff point boost in one round. My usual best is 64 laff.

When you get sad in Toontown, you get sent back to the playground until you get a laff point, then you can go where you want.  So I went home, played cannons until I was up to my full 124 laff, bought some new gags with my bank full of jellybeans, and went out to take down a 5 story cashbot building.

View from estate cannon while waiting for the target to appear.

This time I use Moe Zart (5-star sound), Clerk Clara (5-star trap), my organic Presentation (level 7 lure), and a third Barnacle Bessie — and this time all 4 grand pianos hit their cogs.

I also used my TNT, birthday cakes, storm clouds. But this time I took the building out and eliminated those cogs.

Perhaps this is the point to digress and ask the question some people might be asking: why an adult is playing a “kids game” like Toontown Online. I would start my answer by saying how often I get into a 4-toon battle (you can be in a cog battle with up to 3 other toons at a time), and all of us start chatting and discovering that there isn’t one kid among us, we are all adults, parents, and even grandparents.

So, why so many adults.  Well there are a lot of MMO RPGs (massively multi-player online role playing game) out there, with a lot of complex building action, story-line and plots. And you can invest a lot of time in them. For many of them you have to stay with them, or you fall behind.  Toontown isn’t like that.  I can leave town for a three-week European trip and come back to where I left off (well, my gag trees wilted, but I just had to water them and two days later there were as green as ever). You can have the fun, with less stress than the other games.  That’s why I find adults from college age through grandparents playing Toontown with me.

So if you haven’t played Toontown Online, let me urge you to give it a try. Get the free membership, design your toon, and give it a try. If you get hooked, you can get a paying membership to move on to the more advanced activities.

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