Ta Ta to ToonTown


Been  a week since the news came out, and I am finally able to process enough to write: Toontown Online is closing on Sept. 19, 2013.

Toontown has been around for a little over 10 years, and, surprisingly, we must have been playing for 7 or 8 of those years. It was the first MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) that my son played.

At the beginning the whole family played.  We opened one account and each of us got one of the six toons to create; the kids got two each.

Betsy and Carly played awhile but eventually tapered off. Nathan and I continued.

My toon is Prof Alvin Wonderbrains. Nathan submitted and got approved the name of Dash for his toon.

screenshot-Sun-Aug-14-14-32-32-2011-149677 screenshot-Sun-Aug-14-14-33-18-2011-152146 screenshot-Sun-Aug-14-14-37-05-2011-165658 screenshot-Sun-Aug-14-14-39-18-2011-173576

At first Nathan was the one dashing through Toontown ahead of me, but eventually the professor caught up, as Nathan’s main interest shifted to other MMOGs — VMK (virtual Magic Kingdom), Lego Universe, Wizard 101, Pirate101.  Yet Toontown kept a place in his gaming universe, even when it was following the progress of Wonderbrains, or the latest new development to the game.

“Hey Nathan, a Cold Caller invasion just started.  What level are cold callers?”

“Level one sellbot, Maximum level 5.”

As you can see from the above snippet, he is my walking talking Toontown Wiki.

Earlier on they had one of the annual fishing contests, and I stayed up 24 hours continuously fishing, relieved by Nathan periodically, and we won the contest, and a very small Disney digital camera.


More recently, in the past couple of years, I started doing cog buildings as my main way of earning points for top cog promotions, earning stars as part of the “Toon Platoon” and found I’d accidentally one month became the top toon for taking over cog buildings that month. Wonderbrains managed that feet 5 or 6 times in the ensuing months.

screenshot-Wed-Feb-15-06-16-00-2012-18329 screenshot-Wed-Mar-14-18-28-53-2012-18159 screenshot-Fri-Jul-15-06-53-31-2011-102099 screenshot-Fri-Feb-08-22-50-32-2013-581285 screenshot-Fri-Aug-12-00-02-20-2011-338191 screenshot-Fri-Apr-12-20-11-42-2013-96807

VMK and Lego Universe closed awhile ago, Nathan felt a pain when they closed. Seemed to him that the things he like are the things that go away.

He’d just gotten back into a little more regular Toontown the past few months, and then they announced its closure.  The idea of our toon  characters going into oblivion, being deleted from file servers, is a little hard to bear. We are taking screenshots of important moments and places to save as our memories and mementos of this decade of our leisure lives.

Memories of battling the VP, CFO, CJ and CEO,

screenshot-Mon-Aug-29-21-25-06-2011-792161 screenshot-Sat-Apr-28-13-49-34-2012-467961 screenshot-Sun-Nov-13-19-39-39-2011-305755 screenshot-Tue-Jul-12-19-45-09-2011-255045

Driving our carts on Goofy’s Speedway,


Playing Chip N Dale’s Mini Golf


Toon fishing, playing cannons at our estates and hosting toon parties.

screenshot-Sun-Feb-19-20-04-24-2012-1422271     screenshot-Sat-Dec-22-15-35-42-2012-195833

Then of course all tho toony holidays and their celebrations


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