College Reunion Ho!

The past two days has been a a half-country driving spree, from Kansas City, MO, to Caton, NY. This morning I sit writing in the kitchen of my mother and sister’s house, preparing to head over to Houghton College for our 25th college reunion.

The drive itself had some interesting points.  Let me make this a quick one.  I watched gas prices across our trip, and will list them below, along with comments from a couple of points along the trip:

$3.12 Sam’s Club, Kansas City, MO

$3.15 Kearney, MO

$3.19 Cameron, MO

Saw signs along the shoulder of State Route 36: “Harvest Season, watch for farm vehicles”. And we did see a couple.  One we were trying to pass, and it suddenly moved into the middle of the two lanes in front of us.  At first we thought it was trying to prevent us passing.  But then we realized he was coming to a bridge, and didn’t want to hit the guardrail on the side.  Once we got over the bridge we were able to pass easily.

$3.19 Macon, MO

$3.15 Hannibal, MO

“Bicycles must use right shoulder.” We found this in Hannibal on Interstate 72.  I was trying to figure out why bicycles were being allowed on the interstate.  But the sign was on the entrance ramp right before the bridge across the Mississippi River, and they were told to exit on the first ramp on the Illinois side.  Since that is the only bridge across the Mississippi River they are apparently allowed to use the bridge — a triumph for bicycle rights!

$3.29 I55 north of Decatur, IL

Traffic advisory sign above road: “755 deaths this year, buckle up.”

$3.55 outside Chicago, IL

Traffic advisory sign above road” “754 deaths this year, buckle up.”

I know I shouldn’t joke about something this serious. But it was interesting that the number of deaths this year went down — we speculated whether one of the people had come back to life.

$3.17 Maumee, OH

We ran into a lot of construction on the Indiana and Ohio turnpikes.  Think we’ve decided on the way back to not take the turnpikes.  If we are going to go through construction, we don’t want to pay for the privilege of driving through it.

$3.23 TA station in Toledo, OH

It seemed like all the signs we saw for TA stations were higher than the ones right next to it.

$3.39 Erie, PA.

Stopped at the Quaker Steak & Lube for lunch.  We’d driven by so many times, and finally decided to try it out.  Wasn’t what we expected — based on the name I expected a steak/burger place — but their specialty is Wings.  We had their $9 buffet, and enjoyed it immensely. The ambiance was a 50’s diner with cars and motorcycles motif.  Had a wonderful waitress Sandy.

$3.69 South Corning, NY

As we sit this morning waiting to go over, we are hearing rain on the roof.  Supposed to clear out today and be a perfect day tomorrow.  Hope so. Looking forward to seeing people we haven’t seen in years, and getting to see how the college has changed.

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