Journey to a High School Reunion — 8th Grade

As I recall from our TTBHS years, 8th grade was always the year that the staff found the various classes the hardest to handle.  I don’t remember the full theory behind that fact. What I do remember (whether correct or not), is that our class didn’t end up with that wild streak that most other classes did during their 8th grade year.Scan0034

The 8th grade yearbook was dedicated to Mrs. Snyder. I wrote a bit about her during my blog on 6th grade. But the significant thing was her teaching, both in piano and vocal, was the foundation of the musical skills I have used ever since. Without her dedication in teaching, I wouldn’t be doing the organ playing I am.Scan0036

There is a picture missing from our class pictures — Darla Kramer. I don’t know if her family was attending my church — Caton Bible Chapel — during our eighth grade year.  Actually I am pretty sure they weren’t. Seems I would have remembered if anyone besides my family was attending our church and going to TTBHS. But she, or more directly her brother, had a connection to my life when I moved to Kansas City. Scan0037

The same year I joined Madrigalia Bar Nonne, A Peggy Chilson joined. Not long afterwards Peggy figured out that she and I had attended Caton Bible Chapel at the same time during our teen years — she because she was attending with Darla’s brother Gary. Darla’s mother like to call Peggy a “heathen” — something Peggy continued to remember years later, and recount. Just shows you never can tell where you will find a connection.Scan0038

One other thing I remember from these 8th grade pictures is an incident from chess club. Despite my brains, I seldom won chess games against the other players most of whom were older and more experienced.  But one time I managed to eliminate all of Dan Thorp’s men, and was chasing his king around the board with my limited men (just 2 or three pieces), to find a way to put him in check. Then suddenly he declared it a draw.  Seem he knew about this rule that it is a draw if you cannot checkmate the other person in a certain number of moves after he has only his king. Of course I was unaware of the rule, and so didn’t realize I needed to mate him quickly. I had been already to win, when Dan made sure I didn’t by pulling a technicality that he knew I didn’t know.Scan0039

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