Group Projects

My class has been divided into teams, and each given a case study from the book to do a presentation on. Our case study is on Bullying in the Workplace. We are doing a PowerPoint. Currently we are drafting.  We are trying to find videos to illustrate the presentation. One person suggested this very professional video, which does say a lot about bullying:

I agree it is a very good video. I am just not sure that I want to put my audience to sleep watching a 14 minute talk where somebody is reading their PowerPoint presentation.

I prefer something a little more dramatic.  One of the slides asks the question “is bullying the same if everyone in the office is treated the same”. That reminded me of this clip (starting around 3:30).  A little long, find a way to trim it down, but this is a little more spicy:



Then there are these clips I found, this first one uses humor to introduce the subject:


And this next one gives some practical advice:

And this one is a French video, just for variety and diversity:

So, my real question: without really knowing the structure of the PowerPoint itself, which do you think would make a more interesting lead-in, as well as being seen as academically worthwhile to include in a school presentation?




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