Mullen continues tradition of excellence

Today is going to be a quick promotional for my Alma Mater — Houghton College.

In this story the announcement is made that President Shirley Mullen was elected to another 4-year term as college president. She has already served 9 years.

Now Houghton College has a long history of long terms for presidents. They have a tradition of choosing good people that stay the course and steer the college bravely into the future without sacrificing the eternal mission of the school. In its 132 years, the college has only had six presidents.

I was ready to trust the board when they chose Mullen, but also ready to be skeptical. I am a firm believer that a woman can be just as good of a college president as a man, if not better. But I have also seen women given positions just because they were women, and not because they were qualified — a great detriment to them, the people the work with, and women in general.

When we went to our 20th reunion in 2009, I got to meet Mullen.I was impressed. Well-spoken, with vision, and an obvious team player. Our visit for our 25th reunion merely affirmed the impression.

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