A Royal Sports Bar…

Chickie’s and Pete’s was a good place to enjoy a rainy evening at World’s of Fun on Friday. For some reason, all the TVs were broadcasting the Royals game with the Mets. Go figure. In Kansas City.

The place wasn’t packed, but there were enough people to keep the tables mostly filled. One group of what I assumed were elementary/middle schoolers dropped in after picking up their pizza somewhere else.  They were obviously more knowledgeable about the royals than I was. They debated the plays and the players with an obvious knowledge that I lacked.

When we got there the score was 1-2 with the Mets ahead. We saw a lot of fun, including an overturned call of safe turned to an out, before the score became 3-2 with the Royals ahead.

Having finished our meal, we exited through the rain to the car, and came home to other amusements. Woke up this morning to find the score was 9-3, with a Royals loss. Nice of the Royals to do their best work while we were there to watch.

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