In case it wasn’t clear the first time …

I posted a blog back in November about what science really is, what it can and cannot prove. Unfortunately the whole world didn’t get a chance to read and understand it, so I am still capable of running into people who make the same mistake about science.

In the middle of a wonderful scriptural exegisis recently I heard the speaker explain how we know science better than the Genesis writers, who made light on the first day, but the sun and moon not until the fourth. After all, science has told us all about how the sun and moon and earth move.

Now, if you look at my post about science, you can easily read the fallacy here. An appeal to science to explain something that happened in a timeline. But while all our science can tell us about gravity, and the motion of the heavenly bodies, it can’t tell us about the past. We have no idea about any other factors that might have occurred.

And, hey, we are talking about creation here. If a CGI cartoonist can start paining a scene and put light in it before getting to the point sources of light (sun, moon, light bulb, etc.) for ambient light, why can’t God light the universe without needing sun, moon and stars first. How does science tell us anything about that timeline?

We need to stop thinking we know so much about a science that really tells us so little.

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