Inside Out

I will admit I was rather impressed by this Disney Pixar movie. The concept is relatively simple, but the movie itself is filled with a lot of nuance and details.

The concept of headquarters and the console is very well done. The introductions of the emotions and what they do is informative and entertaining. But this line below is probably the core around which the whole movie actually revolves:

“You’ve met sadness — I’m not exactly sure what she does.”

One of the chief motifs of the movie is the concept of core memories. Follow them closely.

“Another thing to watch for is the line: After all, Riley’s 11 now, what could happen ….”

And of course, you know what happens. Well, not specifically, but that is enough of a trope to know to expect something.

Joy wants everything to be happy at any cost, sometimes at the expense of the other emotions and their important roles. Each emotion does have a place, and figuring them out is what the emotions do during this movie.

The movie is a journey of “internal” discovery, but not discovery of the “main character” but of the emotions themselves. Watching joy be sad and cry (spoiler) is a very complex moment.

This movie reminds me of the Disney short from around World War II, that showed the struggle between reason and emotion, but much better and more fully developed.

And beware: you may never get the  Triple Dent Gum commercial out of your head 😉

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