The not-so-Swift street

Today’s post is on Swift Street in North Kansas City. It doesn’t live up to its name.

I’ve been thinking about writing on this for awhile.  Swift street has a 25 mph speed limit. Burlington, two blocks over, has a 40 mph, so swift is actually slower.

When I am riding my bicycle on Swift, it is the most likely place to be a wind tunnel. Head seem to be a constant factor this time of year.

In the early mornings, I ride west-east on Armour Road to get to swift. The lights are blinking yellow at that time of day. Yet swift has lights that rotate through the three colors. It is near impossible to get down the street without running into the lights. They aren’t timed well for a bicycle at regular speed to not get caught by the lights.

There was an exception to that last.  I rode Swift today,  both ways, on a commute to a rehearsal on the Plaza.  The lights were blinking yellow — except for 16th Ave., which was still in there color mode (probably because it is the truck thoroughfare through the city.

Still, all in all, Swift is not Swift.

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