And that’s why the Trump is a Tramp….

Okay, a few of you might catch the musical illusion of the title of this post, though the fact of the song is actually the reverse of my point. Because my subject really is the tramp when he plays his Trump card. Read the below quote from Heretics by G.K Chesterton, and then I’ll make my real rant:

Science in the modern world has many uses; its chief use, however, is to provide long words to cover the errors of the rich. The word “kleptomania” is a vulgar example of what I mean. It is on a par with that strange theory, always advanced when a wealthy or prominent person is in the dock, that exposure is more of a punishment for the rich than for the poor. Of course, the very reverse is the truth. Exposure is more of a punishment for the poor than for the rich. The richer a man is the easier it is for him to be a tramp. The richer a man is the easier it is for him to be popular and generally respected in the Cannibal Islands. But the poorer a man is the more likely it is that he will have to use his past life whenever he wants to get a bed for the night. Honour is a luxury for aristocrats, but it is a necessity for hall-porters.This is a secondary matter, but it is an example of the general proposition I offer — the proposition that an enormous amount of modern ingenuity is expended on finding defences for the indefensible conduct of the powerful.

By now, if you haven’t guessed, I’ll clarify my topic: Donald Trump. I don’t like him. I don’t trust him. I’m not against people being rich, but I’m against the abuse of wealth by the rich. Trump is an abuser of wealth. His wealth has made him popular, and lets him get away with all sorts of behavior that a regular person couldn’t. He can make any outrageous statement about other people with apparent impunity, but let someone “lesser” make a comment about him, and fairness is no longer in play.

His wealth has let him bilk his creditors via bankruptcy. True, Trump says bankruptcy can be a smart business decision, but the very attitude he has about it shows no concern for the debtors, no sense that it can be better to avoid it if possible.

He will insult anyone, boast about his infidelities, deride anyone who dares question him. He has no clue how to work in a representative environment. He is an autocrat, a totalitarian who won’t let anyone cross him.

Trump is all about Trump. He plays his trump card, whatever makes him look better. I never watched “The Apprentice”, but how many of us want to be treated with the rude disregard I heard people describe him using. And yet his wealth and brazen statements now make him the darling of so many.

So, like Chesterton says, we see his wealth defending his indefensible conduct.

Just writing the above about Trump makes me disgusted and feel unclean by even talking about it. So I think we need to end with something cleaner as a counterweight. Which is why we will turn to Frank Sinatra singing the song I alluded to in the title. And the beauty of this song is that the lady, the subject, is called a tramp precisely because she is herself, simple, free, and treats others fair. Think about this poor “tramp” of the song and her honor, and you will see why it, and G.K. Chesterton have such appropriate comments on the topic, and why neither one would vote for Donald Trump for any office — even the dog catcher.

(Note: The views expressed on this blog are mine, and are not to be seen as the views of any group or organization that I am associated with.)

4 responses to “And that’s why the Trump is a Tramp….”

  1. Still extremely appropriate, Jonathan. I don’t understand how Donald Trump is a nominee from any party, much less the GOP. I just don’t get it. He is not fit to be President, and as you said, he’s not even fit to become dog catcher. (I’d not subject my dogs to being around him, anyway.)

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