If I don’t want you to like me, then you can’t ….

I know, twice in one week, do a shared post, unheard of by me.  But I thought this one silly. The shared blog below shows that some people are afraid of being nominated by anyone who is in any way associated with the “Sad Puppy” movement. They are telling people they aren’t allowed to nominate them without asking their permission first.

It seems if I read a book, and I like it, but I’m not the right “kind” of person with the “right” attitudes, I’m not allowed to hold or express my opinions of it in public. The people who wrote the book, if they are the right “kind” and hold the “right” attitudes, are allowed to tell me not to like them or their work, not to have a positive opinion of them.

Which is really silly for an author. After all, to make a living, people need to like and buy read your work. Its almost like a politician refusing to with an election because the “wrong” people voted for her.

So here is the shared blog:

Over the last few days, since Kate published the list of Sad Puppies recommends, we’ve been inundated both in email and in social media by people requesting, clamoring and whining to be remov…

Source: The Gang’ll Know I Died Standing Pat

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