Fitness update: battery indicator error

This week I updated the battery on my MisFit Shine.  The battery indicator on the app always seems to bounce all over the place: full, high, medium, low. But this week it went to very low, and when syncing brought up a video about how to change the battery. It also said the battery was so low that it would adversely affect the ability of the device to sync.

The battery was supposed to last three to six months, and this was the three-month point, so I went ahead and had it changed. Only thing was, when the watch place checked the charge on the battery they took out, it was still over half a charge. So either the indicator isn’t very accurate, or the device needs over half a battery charge to operate successfully.

Once I changed to the new battery, I tried to sync the MisFit. It worked fine, but it took syncing three times before it would recognize that the battery was anything but very low.  It did go to full at that point.

In other fitness issues, I learned that they probably won’t need me for the Corporate Challenge Half marathon in May, but am continuing to up my mileage on runs, as a backup in case one of the other two runners is unable to compete.  This week I reached the 5.5 miles distance. I also maintained the 6 mph pace from the previous week’s 4.5 mile run. This also brings me to 20 runs of at least 5K for the year.

The thing that did take a break for the week was swimming. Between work and other issues sleep became more important that waking up a 4:30 go swimming.

And with the bicycle I got up to 868 miles for the year. There were a couple of days where the wind seriously decreased my average speed, but I was able to make it to my destinations.


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