Weekend Events: AUMC book sale

Thursday — time for another forward look at the weekend — along with a backward glance at the previous weekend.

Well the first event is for all those who enjoy a good read. The annual  book sale of the Avondale United Methodist Church is going on from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Friday and Saturday April 29-30 at the church, 3101 NE Winn Road, Kansas City, MO 64117.

Second item of note is the BBQ and Brew festival at Worlds of Fun. This is the second of three weekends of the festival. As someone uninterested in beer, I still find myself toying with participating — if only to sample the food pairings. As the website notes:

Chef Kevin’s sample size BBQ Menu includes Grilled Shrimp, BBQ Chicken and Waffles, Smoked BBQ Pork, Smoked Ribs, BBQ Spiced Chicken Wings and Bananas Foster.

I find myself fascinated by the food choices — for a season passholder the price is only $20. The offsetting items are, is there enough food to make it worth $20, and why pay $20 to sample that food when we already have a the season dining plan? Time will tell what we actually do.

One event currently planned, if weather and lines hold, is for myself and the son to do the RipCord this Sunday. I like to do it once a year (or every other, at least), and I have a specific reason for choosing this Sunday. I might explain more about that afterwards.

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