What Science Fiction show best describes our age? Why?

This is one of those quick meme/link type blogs. I saw someone post the below picture:


And then I saw the below comment in the comments about it:

When the crew of the Enterprise had a problem with their government, they filed a complaint and hope their careers don’t get trashed. When the crew of B5 had a problem with their government, they seceded.

It made me think about how those two different attitudes might reflect the political sentiments of their era. I wondered if B5 might more accurately reflect our age’s attitude than Star Trek.

Which led to another reflection: Even with all the popularity of the new movies, I don’t think Star Wars reflects our current political mentality.  But how about Firefly? Now that might be in the running. How about any of the Stargate franchises? Closer, but I still think B5 might be the best current match.

What do the rest of you think? Anyone interested enough to comment?

That’s all my thoughts, so to lengthen the post a bit, let me add some good quotes/clips from B5:



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