Fitness Update: Workouts and Procedures

Well, first I’ll give an update on the previous week. When I found out my time from the KCCC 5K, I was rather pleased. I was 3 seconds over 26 minutes. It was my running speed for a 5K, practice or otherwise.

So I followed Monday with another practice 5K, at what turned out to be a slightly slower pace, but still good, and then on Thursday I ran 12 miles for my build-up to the half marathon. My time wasn’t as good – I was on my no solid foods day in preparation for a medical procedure on Friday. I don’t have a time-piece with me on my runs, so I don’t know for certain, but I think I was actually doing much better on the pacing until about the last mile, where I just ran out of energy. There was a clock at a business along the route, and my time passing it on the way out vs. the way back seemed way too good for the distance.

That brought my total runs up to 33 for the year.

I also swam once in the week, for a total of 31,050 yards for the year.

For cycling, I took my bicycle into the shop for service on Wednesday, and picked it up on Saturday. They didn’t have one part they needed, so while it is much better in some ways, it is jumping on the shifting for the rear gears. So I probably won’t be doing as well on my speeds until that part gets in and I get it back to the shop for additional service. Total mileage is 1220. Goal for the month is 1250. So not bad.

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