The Era of Bad Feelings

American History has an era during the presidency of James Monroe that has been called “The Era of Good Feelings”. I wonder if today we might rightly be in a period that should be known as “The Era of Bad Feelings”.

We have candidates for the presidency that have polled higher negative ratings than their positive ratings. It seems the era to be against things rather than for them. A recent article I read talked about a rapprochement between Rubio and Trump, the core of which was to ensure that Hilary Clinton not win the presidency. Again, this was a negative, not a positive coalition.

I have heard a lot of people talking about not having anyone in the two major parties that they feel they can vote for. Many people will thus choose to do one of two things: Not Vote at all, or vote against one person by voting for the other party’s candidate, even though they don’t really want to vote for either.

My challenge to everyone, is to turn this around, and still make this a time of good feelings, of voting and talking about positive things, not against the negatives around us. One way or another, vote  for someone you can respect, vote for a position you can believe in. Don’t fall into the Era of Bad Feelings we see enveloping the world around us.

With all the negative attitudes around us, we need to be aware of a higher calling. I remind everyone of the benedictional song I have on my About page for this blog:

Go forth into the world in peace,

Be of good courage,

Hold fast to that which is good,

Render to no one evil for evil.

God forth into the world in love,

Strengthen the fainthearted, support the weak,

Help the afflicted, Honor all people,

Love and serve the Lord.

Rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit,

Go forth into the world in peace.

In peace.

This isn’t an easy path. But it is the only path worth taking.

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