A Blast of the Past #53: home-grown fruit

Today’s post has an interesting synchronicity (wonder if I am using that word right). You see, the pictures in today’s blast include strawberries that we picked from our own plants back in 2002. This year, different house, we still have strawberry plants, but didn’t manage to harvest the few strawberries on them before nature helped herself. I did, today, however, pick a bowl of blackberries from the three plants we planted along the south side of the house 3 or 4 years ago. We really had a small harvest possible last year, but like the strawberries, didn’t get them harvested.  So this year we at least got the cereal bowl full, and some more still ripening. The number of canes keeps growing and spreading from year to year. Eventually it might stretch along the entire side of the house.

We also have blueberry bushes in front of the house. They were planted a few years before the black berries, but haven’t managed to fruit anything yet. Seems everywhere we go I try to grow fruit. Don’t always get a lot for the effort. Nothing yet on the lime tree, and only one lemon from the lemon.

Oh,I should mention all the cherries that grew on our three cherry trees this year. I just managed to finish eating them yesterday — had almost a month’s worth of them for lunches.

But this is a blast of the past. So here are the pictures:

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