Wednesday night while riding home I went by Rivermarket Cyclery, and saw a sign that said “Store is closing: everything must go!” Further along the route, in North Kansas City on Armour Road, I saw a sign in front of Sutherlands for 25 to 27% off everything — lost our lease.

I had heard rumours about Rivermarket Cyclery, but Sutherlands was a complete shock.

Today I stopped into Rivermarket to see if there was anything I wanted from the sale. Before I left the owner had arrived and I had a small conversation with him. The plans are to sell everything by the end of August, since the store is sold to someone, though either he didn’t know, or didn’t say, what they intended to do with it. But the space obviously has a planned use.

He also had a comment about Sutherlands. North Kansas City owned the land and refused to renew the lease, he said. Which, if true, begs the question of what the city wants to do with that property. Since it is something I pass by quite frequently, I am curious to know how my side of NKC is going to be changing.

So that’s the quick local news …

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