The Evils of a Lack of Indifference…

“… how much happier you would be if you only knew that these people cared nothing about you! How much larger your life would be if your self could become smaller in it; if you could really look at other men with common curiosity and pleasure; if you could see them walking as they are in their sunny selfishness and their virile indifference. You would begin to be interested in them, because they were not interested in you.” — Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton

There is a passage in scripture about not looking only to your “own things” but also to “the things of others” (Philippians 2:4). I think much of the world’s ills today come from a terrible misunderstanding of this concept. We would be much better off if we were to heed Chesterton’s advice to the insane man (lead quote).

For we are living in a world where the number of  insane people continues to increase. I am not talking about the sort of insane people that get committed to counseling and insane asylums. I am talking about the sort of insane people to whom everything that happens in the world is a personal affront to them, or has to be rectified to be personally suitable to them.

This is how we get micro aggressions.  These people are totally unable to let anything pass. Everything is aimed at them. They are interested in “the things of others”, but only to make them line up to their “own things”.

They need to learn the benefits of indifference. They need to be less self-conscious. I believe this is what Chesterton was getting at. His people of “sunny selfishness” and “virile indifference” enjoy themselves and things for themselves, without any need of approval from others, nor need to involve others. Though, if others were interested, they would be more than glad to include them in.

The world of micro aggressions is the world of the tyrant, the totalitarian state, which knows what is best for everyone, and everyone needs to do and see things their way. True or false, they all need to say the same things, tell the same story.

Much better, much happier, is the libertarian creed — “Taking over the world and leaving it ruthlessly alone”. For only in this world does “common curiosity and pleasure” exist.


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