Community Day in Cooley Park/Heights

(Taken from the AUMC newsletter)

September 17 is a big community event day. There is an opening
ceremony of the Literacy Center at Walnut Grove Apartments (10:00
a.m. – 2:00 p.m.). It is a reading room for children to read books and
adults who speak English as the second language to learn English. The
opening ceremony provides games, bouncy house, food, and library
cards. You can visit and look around the Literacy Center and meet
Also, there is a soccer event at Cooley Park (11:00 a.m.). It is
sponsored by the Bosnian Islamic Center, Kansas City Police
Department, Cooley Highland Neighborhood Association, and Kansas
City. KC Police, Bosnian Americans, and people in the neighborhood
will have a soccer tournament; I heard 5-6 soccer teams will play. Each
team consists of 6 players – the size of indoor soccer. Each game time
is 30 minutes. If you come an hour earlier (10:00 a.m.), you can join in
a team or participate in a tournament with your team. The Islamic
Center will grill burgers and prepare Bosnian foods to share with the
community. The Cooley Neighborhood Association, which include
many congregants of Avondale, supports it. Avondale UMC will
provide parking space for the event. This event should become the
place of meeting and building community. As one of Cooley Highland
Neighborhood community, I am very excited to announce this event to
the church. Also, as the pastor of Avondale UMC, I encourage you to
come to this event and “be the church.” Your presence should mean a
lot for the Islamic community. You can help parking and volunteer for
the event.
I hope to see you and your family and friends at the events and also at
the Little House Garage Sale scheduled on the same day (Sat. 9:00 a.m.
– 3:00 p.m.). Avondale UMC should become the sign of reconciliation
and collaboration for the community.
In Christ
Choongho Kwon
Avondale UMC

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