Fitness Update: One step forward

Well, this past week I got back to the pool. Just one day. The rest of the week got away. And I got one more 5k on the running shoes. The rest of my fitness came in cycling and walking.

Business prevented me from reaching my numbers goal two days during the working week, but if you averaged my numbers out for the week, I would have met all my daily goals. Which raises a good question: can one exercise over one day to make up for another, and if so, to what ratio.

The other thing I will mention is my thoughts I have had on my workouts for strength training. I haven’t spent much time on that. Some thought the fall here I intend to put thought into that, and try out various things. Perhaps next year’s goals will include some more concrete items in that area. Items that won’t involve a lot of additional time — since that resources remains a valuable commodity.

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