Blast of the Past #68: Peanuts Playhouse

We have been denizens (season passholders) of Worlds of Fun since 2001. In looking back at the pictures, we can remember when Peanuts Playhouse was first built. It was one of the new attractions they put in since we started going. Yet that is at least 11 years ago.

It was also in the days when the July 4th fireworks show was launched from the Oceans of Fun parking lot, instead of the grass lot by Worlds of Fun Avenue. In those days they had a light show at the Heart of America Theatre stage before setting off the fireworks. We always watched the fireworks from there. One year everyone was oohing and aahing at the fireworks, and then suddenly a few people scattered and some of the firework ashes fell down on the grass above the stage where we were sitting. We only saw it happen once in the years we watched from there, but it still is a core memory of the Worlds of Fun Fireworks memories.


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