Worlds of Fun Recap

Sunday was the final day of the Worlds of Fun Season. So now is a good time to quantify, and qualify. the season.

We have been season passholders since 2001. This is the second year we have been season dining plan participants. I think in these past two years the quality of our park experience has changed — as has the quantity of our experience.

From the quantity perspective, We ate 740 meals at the parks, Making the average price of those meals (at a total cost of $360) only $0.50 per meal. Our $24.99 all season bottle was filled 575 times during the season. At $1 per refill that gave us quite a bargain.

We traveled to the park more often, once or twice a day almost every day it was open. We also walked a lot more. Walking into the park twice a day, and walking a loop around it, added a lot of activity to our lives. More active minutes.

Then there was the park experience itself. We became well acquainted with several people on the front gate staff, came to know people at many of the food booths well, and even gained some face recognition with some of the ride ambassadors.

We participated in the Beer and BBQ festival — for the BBQ and treats — in May, and became acquainted with Kevin Williams, the executive chef. We must have made a modest impression, because he seemed to greet us every time we crossed his path throughout the rest of the season, and we had several short conversations with him about the various items.

I think our credentials as park denizens got a serious boost this year. There was a definite sense of fun and family from the staff that was there.

The year ended with the Halloween Haunt. It isn’t our preferred season of the year, but we were very pleased to see the large numbers of people attending the haunt. With such large and successful numbers, we have good hopes that the parks will continue to be there next year, and the years after, to provide the same social summer focal point for our community.

They are planning a winter-time themed season during 2017. It will be interesting to see how that works out. Hopefully this expansion will be just as joyous and successful for them as the rest of their year.

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