Everybody relax

Okay, the election is over. The hysterics have begun. Everybody just relax.

First, to the people who are concerned about dictator Trump: Our government isn’t that powerful yet. There are too many other people in there that have to go along, and the Republicans are anything but united. There is too much inertia there for anything to change drastically overnight.

If we are lucky, the government will become less powerful, and your concerns will grow less. But lets face it, if Clinton had won, you wouldn’t have been concerned about the use or abuse of power there.

Now about all the groups that aren’t represented by Trump, that have become “dispossessed” and are no longer represented. Pshaw! Do these groups deserve greater representation than the rest of us? We are a government of the people, not a government of the groups. We are a republic, not an oligarchy (even if we had an election between oligarchs).

I think Reagan was the last time I felt myself represented by a president. Other than that — Bushes, Clinton, Obama — I have felt dispossesd and not represented.”My” party hasn’t listened to me (all the while trying to tap me for money) for decades, until I finally decided If they wouldn’t listen, I wouldn’t follow.

There are a lot of people like me. Just because we are white, or Christian, doesn’t make us the powerful, the insiders. My comment about oligarchs earlier was spot on. We have fewer and fewer truly represented by the two party systems.

So there are a lot of us on the outside. Nothing wrong with being on the outside, when government is small. The Amish know how to handle that. Its only when government grows large that the outside is a danger. So, yes, there is potential for danger.

Perhaps if we realized that the two-party system is not amenable to diversity, we might join together to break the system into more diverse parts, and preserve more freedom for us all. A true diversity would bring more security and more freedom.

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