Trump-Carrier Deal

One of the fun things about posting on this topic is that I know so few facts and can make a lot of conjecture on it.

But whether I apply them right or not, based on whether I know the facts correctly or not, the principles I am bringing up are still the principles I think should be applied.

And those are that the Trump-Carrier deal is an example of Crony Capitalism. The government is making specific deals with specific individuals, instead of making laws that apply equally to all people and companies. The government is playing favorites, choosing winners and losers.

This, of course, is exactly what our government has been doing all along. All the green energy grants from the current democratic administration is just one example of that, with the caveat that half of those still managed to lose even with the government choosing them as winners (when the government can’t make you win, something’s REALLY wrong).

So I was all ready to decry crony capitalism, and then I looked and found this story where Sarah Palin, one of my favorite political figures (I would have vored for her for president, like I didn’t vote for Trump, even though she did make what I consider the mistake of endorsing Trump. That said, she was the smart one to realize he was the candidate that could win, so I have to credit her back again.) is warning that the deal creates the danger of Crony Capitalism.

This is rather brave of her (she’s never lacked courage), to disagree with Trump after endorsing him, and with the potential of a Cabinet position in his administration still in the offing. Palin knows how to play on the team (considering how well she worked with McCain despite their differences), but she also is unafraid to speak out.

My only disagreement with her comments (as stated in the article), is that this is already crony capitalism. This doesn’t mean I don’t want these jobs saved. But Palin is right, we want a level playing field, not special conditions choosing winners and loser. We unfortunately have to do some of this today, with how unlevel the field is and all the deals currently in place, but there has to be a way to back down from this and stop playing favorites.

The one positive in this crony capitalism, is that at least Trump is actually saving jobs, instead of choosing a winner that still goes bankrupt while padding the pockets of the people who run away from the failing company, as in the green energy deals.

So cheer the saving of these jobs, but know that this isn’t the way we want it to happen, and we need to stop this cycle where the government chooses winners.

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