Singin’ in the Rain

And other thoughts spurred by Debbie Reynolds (and Carrie Fisher)

Debbie Reynolds Picture

It is interesting that something that comes early in one’s career might mark it. Both Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher found success early in iconic pictures that made them well-known.

Such success is usually something thought of as being part of the the crowning achievement of a career, the “swan song”. as it were. And for many people an early success does lead to a “swan song” that some people never recover from.

Yet for Debbie Reynolds (Singin’ in the Rain) and Carrie Fisher (Star Wars) didn’t rest on their early works. While I admit I don’t know either one of them for anything but those signature works, a review of their lives on IMDB or the articles published these past few days about them shows and impressive opus of work. Neither of them escaped their early success, but neither did they perish by it either. Both became very productive artists in multiple types of endeavours.

And so tonight I watch Singin’ in the Rain in memory of an artist that made the most of the life given her, and thus gave to us all. Just as Monday I watched Rogue One and the cameo of Princess Leia with its homage to the artist that brought that character into our lives and thus shaped our culture through the Star Wars Saga.

The Paley Center For Media & TCM Present Debbie Reynolds' Hollywood Memorabilia Exhibit Reception

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