The year to end all years

As I sit and try to think about what to post on to close out the year,. I got to thinking about all the bad things we were scared with this year, all the things that were wrong, that were going to ruin life as we know it.

And yet here we are, and things, while promising to change, are in most ways just as they have been.

And that is as it should be. Too many people, politicians, media, progressives and reactionaries, that know what is best for all of us, tried to scare us with what was wrong, micro aggression, how tyranny was in the hands of their foes.

All that potential is there. But the real line is the one of sanity that most of us lived this year. Most of us rejected the hype and hyperbole, and lived lives of good intent.

In the political realm, the best voice of reason was Libertarian — which is probably why they lost — not enough excitement or hype. Yet that libertarian view of letting people live continues to be the undercurrent even of those reacting to the progressive agenda. As long as they don’t forget and become progressives of a different sort we have a chance to regain balance and sanity.

So, don’t forget to live life, ordinary, full life, as the best answer to the scare and fear mongers. Oppose them by laughing in their faces and living full rich lives contrary to their ideals, yet full of love and compassion for all the human beings within any orbit you have and come in contact with.

Happy New Year!

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