Taste’s great, now the art …

Earlier this week Cedar Writes featured a post on Hot Soft Pretzels. They looked good enough to interest the daughter unit in making. She was definitely interested, but also intimidated about doing on her own. It took until today, when I could oversee, that we tried it.

The results are very tasty, but as the wife unit noted, Cedar’s look better.

The project was a team effort. We chose to divide the recipe into 16 pieces for larger pretzels. Then came the stage to roll out the pretzels into long ropes. It was hard for me to roll the ropes with one hand in a splint, so the wife and daughter units did that part, while I soaked the pretzels in the soda water.

Pictured above is the dough resting after the initial mixing, and then the first batch after coming out of the oven.

I really enjoyed trying out the recipe. and am really envious that Cedar can make them both look AND taste great, while we get the taste great (most important part) but only look somewhat decent.

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